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March is the New May

In Posts on March 21, 2012 at 8:34 pm

I don’t care if I’m a party pooper and spent the entire winter complaining about how warm it was (and it was warm – the Earth never froze, leaving Jane and me covered in mud when we should be keeping nice and clean and walking on water), I have to continue because the end of the season has been downright frightening, bizarre, surreal. People have been in shorts and t-shirts for over a week now, and yesterday the mercury reached 86 degrees. Last week we had extended, summer-like thunderstorms with tornadoes touching down in nearby Dexter and nearly wiping out an entire neighborhood. Temperatures have been 20-30 degrees above normal, and it hasn’t just been warm – it’s been startlingly and uncomfortably hot. In Michigan. In winter. Mosquitoes and ants are coming to life, daffodils and crocuses are in bloom, the grass even needs mowing. (I’ve never, ever, ever mowed in Michigan before the last week of April.) For one who’s grown to loathe warmth, I’m not just complaining because I’m inconvenienced. There is something strangely and weirdly wrong with the planet. When this latest change first occurred – ten or so days ago – I was astounded by the sounds of frogs, toads, and crickets.  And it keeps getting warmer. Today Annika and I walked the beasts in Montibeller Park in Pittsfield Township. We were all dragging because of the intense heat, which was exacerbated by the fact that trees are completely bare – they’ve only just begun to bud – and provided no shade. Later at Lillie Park, Annika found a tick on my shirt. A tick! In March!

If this is the new normal, people seem to be okay with it. Everyone appears happy to be bike riding in their bathing suits. News reports even use positive adjectives to describe this apocalyptic climate change like “nice,” “pleasant,” and “summer-like.” The fact that so few seem to care or mind just adds to the overall dreamlike quality of watching our climate changing so rapidly and so drastically. I’m genuinely disturbed. If Michigan is the new Alabama, I’m going to be extremely bummed (and so will Jane).

UPDATE: Ticks have been discovered tonight on both Annika and Jane. That’s three so far today, and, for the most part, we avoided deep woods and walked only on wide, heavily-traversed trails.