JD Allinder

About Life with Jane

My name is John, and I live in Ypsilanti, Michigan, with Jane the bluetick coonhound. This blog is a collection of random musings on our journey through life together. Please leave comments. Enjoy!

John and Jane

  1. John,
    I knew Jane was special when she nudged my hand with her dear nose from inside her pen at animal control – she was so quiet, a dignified lady. That’s why we could not leave her there. I’m so glad she brings you joy.

    Broken Road Rescue

  2. Thanks for your nice comment, Nancy, and thank-you for saving my baby. She’s still a dignified lady.

  3. Where have you been, John? I also adopted a BTCH (male, now 2 1/2-3 years old). We just celebrated our 1 year anniversary. Your postings made me realize that some of the traits that I thought were “just Ely being Ely” are actually common to the Bluetick.
    Hope all is well with you

  4. Thanks for your comment, Diane. I’d enjoying seeing pictures and reading more about Ely.

  5. Hi John:
    Thanks so much for your insights. We have Hudson, a 9-month-old BTCH and he is a hand-full. What do you do in the car? We have a GSP who has never been trouble in the car (it’s a Jeep Liberty, and she loves sticking her head out the sunroof, which does get some attention, but otherwise she’s great). Hudson seems very anxious in the vehicle, but only when it’s moving. He whines and brays with that deep voice of his; but mostly whining and jumping around. We tried sitting in the vehicle with him for awhile and just not going anywhere. Any other ideas? How is Jane in the car?

  6. She is lovely, and clearly blessed to have aligned with you.

  7. Won’t you email me? Sorry to have lost contact again – will explain.

  8. Hi John, I love your site. I just lost my bluetick, Savannah, on Friday. She was such a sweet little girl. Enjoy your baby, Jane!

  9. John: Thank you so much for this blog. I moved to southeast Michigan with my beloved pup about a year ago. I recently came across your writing. It’s been great fun to read, and I can’t wait to try out some of the trails and parks you frequent with Jane. I am always happy to encounter people who are as devoted to their dogs as I am to mine. I hope you and Jane are enjoying the (actual) summer.

    • Hi Gina – Thanks for your nice comment and best of luck to you and your pup! Please let me know of any dog-friendly discoveries you make in the A2 area.

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