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In Posts on January 30, 2012 at 8:57 pm

Jane turned five last week. Of course there’s guesswork involved with a rescue dog, but her chosen birthday is based on her original, post-rescue evaluation conducted in September 2008 by Dr. Laura Chamberlain of Mid-Michigan Equine Services at Broken Road Rescue, where Jane was nursed to wellness before coming to live with me. Jane’s got a lot more confidence than she did when we first met, and I hope that her memories of life before me are distant and vague, like something she read in a book. She’s still wary of strangers, particularly men, and doesn’t like being handled, but she trusts me entirely and even comes to me when I call her for a scolding (invariably for foraging). Like Georgia before her, Jane enjoyed a McDonald’s Happy Meal on her birthday, only now they come with apple slices (treated with something toxic, I’m sure, to retard browning). She was thrilled, and I got a Diet Coke and only felt slightly guilty for patronizing the vile provider of disease and status quo maintenance.

Jane’s doing quite well physically. She still enjoys 8-10 miles of walking/hiking daily, and I’ve reduced her daily calorie intake over the past year and a half, so she’s fit and trim. She’s a real beauty. She’s off-leash whenever appropriate (all woods walks and some city walks, i.e. parks, vacant land plots, etc.), and I think generally she’s satisfied with her lot. She’s still not much for affection, but she keeps an eye on me and demonstrates her love and devotion in other ways. I think we’re bonded for life.

This winter has been a complete dud. It’s my favorite season, and I feel totally robbed this year – the warmest in recent memory. There are many things I love about winter, and one of them is there’s no mud. With the Earth frozen, I get to enjoy three months of a clean dog, car, house, etc. We’ve had only a couple of frozen days this year – literally – so Jane and I have been up to our ears in spring-like mud. It’s very depressing. Few things make me more forlorn than a warm winter. The sun is already acting spring-like, and the normally still-hibernating raccoons have begun poking their heads out of their trees (providing great entertainment for Jane). While we’ve had a few cold days, I can count them all two hands, and we’ve haven’t had enough snow for  sledding or building snow people. I haven’t even shoveled the walk, just swept away the dustings with a broom. Such a disappointment!

  1. Nice! yeh, no winter sucks. Imagine too if you had to wear a fur coat all of the time…. betcha Jane is more bummed about that than you. Ah well. It won’t bode well for summer gardens either if all of those bugs overwinter well….


    nice to see your pics however, and know that you and Jane are keeping on keeping on…

  2. Hello,
    This is Kathy, Katrina’s friend. We’ve met a few times in the woods at St. Joe. I love reading about Jane and you and am grateful that you write the words you do.
    Could we walk together with Katrina and Jane some time? Email is sunyellow@comcast.net. Phone is (248) 321-3756.
    I hope I’ve done this in an acceptable manner; I need computer lessons. I’ve no experience communicating on a blog.
    Many wishes for continued loving days with your Jane.

    • Hi Kathy:

      I’m glad to hear from you. Jane and I would love walking with you and Katrina sometime. I’ll email you soon.


      • Hi John,
        I think about you and Jane a lot although the blur of my life brings me to this message only now. It was great to see the four of you in the woods a few weeks ago. I continue my gratitude to you for your writing; thank you for your new entries. Please know how important they are, how sustaining they are to me. It is something of great beauty to witness your love for Jane, and your written word is an inexpressible gift.
        SO John, I woke up with a tick on my leg this morning and am about to go check Katrina. This is a most unhappy little event. On the East Coast, Lyme Disease is a real worry; I wonder what diseases these little armored bodies carry here and why my leg is achy at the spot where the tick attached itself.
        I hope we can walk sometime – with Annika and Duke too, if you wish.
        Stay well, writer.

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