JD Allinder


In Posts on February 2, 2011 at 7:59 pm

The biggest snow storm of the season blew through yesterday. Though we only ended up with a paltry six to eight inches, the anticipation and the storm itself were great fun. Annika and I took Duke and Jane for a two-hour hike through the woods along the Huron and got home just as the snow started falling.  We left the dogs at home to rest and ran out blizzard shopping to the Ypsi Food Co-op and the creepy ghetto Kroger on Michigan Ave. We tried a new recipe for vegan chili that really was more of a tomato bean stew, and I overcooked the cornbread and we had to scrape it from the pan, but it still felt like a proper, snowed-in, blizzard adventure. We stayed up late after eating, drinking wine and talking, and then went out for a walk with the pups in the middle of the mayhem.

The snow ended this afternoon, and the four of us got together again and walked around Ypsi looking at stuff, like this amazing snow person on Oak St.

And this beautiful and crazy ice sculpture a guy’s been working on in his Forest St. back yard. (We were able to access it by using the old grass alley that runs parallel to Forest and Oak between Prospect and River.) Click on this picture to see it full size. This is such a cool sculpture, and the thumbnail doesn’t do it justice.

It was pretty cold, but there were tons of kids in Riverside Park – home to one of the best sledding hills in Washtenaw County. The university was closed, so there were lots of college kids out playing in the middle of the day, too, which is always a nice sight. Jane enjoyed the deeper snow more than I thought she would. With her short coat, she’s pretty cold natured. She bounded through even the deepest drifts with gusto, though, never complaining about the cold or getting the dreaded frozen toes. She and Duke played well together, and she stayed relatively close to me throughout the walk (as opposed to yesterday when she ran off for a good five minutes to, apparently, feast on something extra rotten and dead). Unlike Duke who runs ahead and then back to us then away and then back again, Jane likes to move forward only (which is particularly problematic when her chosen path is perpendicular to mine). She hates back tracking. I called her back to me a good ten times today, though. Poor thing, it makes no sense to her, but she did it every time. It sometimes took extra cajoling, but she performed (often with a sigh) every time. I honestly think she has no idea why I do the things I do. I believe she thinks me completely random and arbitrary. I wish I could get inside that hound dog head. But I’m only human.


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