JD Allinder

Snow Day!

In Posts on January 8, 2010 at 4:58 pm

Though it’s been snowing pretty consistently for the past few weeks in Southeast Michigan, yesterday marked our first big dump of the season. Unfortunately, we were spared the brunt of late December’s pre-Christmas blizzard that crippled much of the Midwest and East Coast, so yesterday’s mini-storm was overdue and enthusiastically welcomed by Jane and me (and apparently only Jane and me).

It started in the morning, and, by the time we got out for our post-lunch walk, it had reached near whiteout conditions. Granted, the timing may not have been the most convenient – people were at work, kids were still in school – but I was struck by how few  were out enjoying it. There’s nothing more beautiful than falling snow, and, on our two-hour walk around town, we saw exactly five people and three dogs outside. Ba humbug!

We started our walk through Depot Town. All the shops and bars were open, but nobody was doing much business. Then we headed to Riverside Park where someone had apparently flattened out this probably-stolen (and curiously Western European looking) Wise Man into a makeshift sled. Not sure if that’s sacrilegious or not, but it made me laugh out loud. Viva Ypsi!

Jane was a wonderful off-leash girl all through the park, and the waterfowl poop on which she ordinarily attempts to graze was, thankfully, covered by a fresh layer of snow. She certainly could have dug for the buried riparian delights, which she often does, but she was too busy running up and down the riverbank giving the ducks and geese the what-for.

There was an unusually large number of geese at Riverside, and I felt a little sorry for them having to stay in the freezing water rather than huddling together on the shore, but Jane would allow none of them on her turf. Click on the picture below to get a better view of the gaggle.

After almost being run over by a salt truck on Michigan Avenue – the driver didn’t even apologize when I yelled at him – Jane and I walked through the overgrown wastelands on the south side of town. Even the decay of abandoned houses and crumbling factories is given a fresh new perspective when covered in still-falling snow. Like the geese in the Huron, though, I felt sorry for the homeless people squatting in the bombed out, disused factories between Michigan Ave and I-94. I could see their tracks in the snow, coming and going from openings in barbed wire fences and various graffiti-covered buildings. It’s amazing that there is so much blight and human suffering right in my own backyard. As much as I love the snow and cold, not being able to return to my warm, cozy nest – with its taken-for-granted electricity and hot running water – would sour not only my appreciation for the season, but for every aspect of life. I’ll never understand why some, like Jane and me, are so fortunate while others are seemingly cursed. The distribution of blessings sometimes seems so random and out of whack.

  1. Oh my god, Jane and the Jesus! I love it!

    Great shots of Ypsilanchia!

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