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Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon

In Posts on July 12, 2009 at 7:22 pm

Took a much needed break from mind boggling work this afternoon and headed out to LaFurge Woods and Wetlands for a two-hour hike with Jane. LaFurge is a beautiful, protected property just north of the Prospect and Geddes intersection in Superior Township. It’s managed by the Southeast Michigan Land Conservancy and covers approximately 350 acres. The best part about it is that relatively few people use it. It’s definitely one of my secret happy places (and just two miles from downtown Ypsi!). Here’s a view from the big hill taken on this gorgeous Michigan summer Sunday.

viewLaFurge is great in all seasons, but it’s almost always muddy, so long pants and boots are a must year-round. It’s also exceptionally buggy this time of year. (Jane and I were severely harassed by mosquitoes and deer flies today.) If you’re new to hiking or just want an easy nature walk, the manicured trails are super easy. From them you can observe turtles, snakes, and dozens of bird species including, from time to time, swans and geese. (I’m bummed that the visiting swan couple has moved on. I was hoping to see their chicks.) 

Jane and I enjoy the woods behind the wetland area. They’re just about 1/4 mile square, but there are no trails, so maneuvering them can be moderately challenging. I have never seen anyone in these woods. If you want rugged nature, this is the real deal. Tromping through them for 30 minutes or so provides us with a decent workout, and then Jane’s ready for a dip in the pond. She actually goes all the way under the water. She dives, torpedoes, and then jumps up throwing her head back and spraying water on her back. She looks like an elephant. She is such a nut.

janepondThe preserve is bordered on the north by a dirt road called Vreeland. It’s about a mile long, and Jane and I enjoy walking to the end and back. It’s really quite beautiful. I love walking Vreeland the best, because it’s a million miles away from the city. I swear I’m in Kansas. There are a few houses on the road with chickens and horses, and sometimes people drive by and wave like they do in small towns Up North. Also on Vreeland is Conservancy Farm, an organic co-op garden. When no one’s around, Jane and I walk on this property too (shhhh) and also the woods behind it. I really can’t help it. I’m a guerilla hiker. So far no one’s ever yelled (or shot) at me.


  1. Shhh…You are letting the rest of us know about this beautiful place. My raised-on-a-farm, farmboy, boyfriend would love to hike through this nature. Something about the City drains him sometimes. I’ll have to take him out there one day.

  2. Hey, John,

    Love your blog,

    Sistah Sue

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